Each month our R-9 Board of Education presents "Do the Right Thing" awards. This page is dedicated to displaying those award.

April 2013
March 2013
These two Mark Twain students asked their birthday party guests to bring food items to be donated to Carthage R-9 Backpack Program instead of birthday gifts. Went above and beyond the normal call of duty in helping a high school student stay in school.
Stepped up and helped to ensure the safety of a student having a seizure on a bus.


February 2013
January 2013
February 2013
Ms. Hunt

These High School staff members responded to a medical emergency quickly and efficiently.

Ms. Sarah Hunt


December 2012
November 2012
November Award

Made time to help two high school teachers load large boxes and had a pleasant attitude.

Going above and beyond as a first year teacher in promoting health, exercise, and care for her students.


October 2012
October Award
October Award

Quickly and efficiently responded to two separate medical emergencies.

  Went the extra mile to insure the safety of a kindergartener after school.


December 2011
Award Winner 1
Award Winner 2
Award Winner 3
Displayed honesty by returning money that they each found. Often helps a special needs student with her schoolwork.

September 2011
Award Winner 1
Award Winner 2
Started a collection drive to help Joplin storm victims and her efforts raised $2,368.92.   A leader at the high school that displayed respect for our new school and is a positive role model.

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