Raoul Wallenberg & the Resistance

Raoul Wallenberg

   The Holocaust was one of the world’s most devastating tragedies, causing the deaths of more than six million European Jews.  The only hope seen in this number is that it could have been much higher if it weren’t for those who dared to speak out against the Germans and take a stand for the innocent people who were being killed. 


   Among the resistors was Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who stepped out of his neutral homeland to save the lives of 100,000 Jews in Budapest, Hungary, from the Nazi forces.  He was later taken by the Soviets as a POW for his actions and held until his death, thus sacrificing his life for his cause.


   Brave acts of the resistance could be seen all across Europe during the holocaust.  Julian Bilecki and Irene Gut Opdyke were only teenagers at the time, but they both contributed.  He hid 23 Jews in an underground bunker and she saved 16 Jews by hiding them in many different places, including a German soldier’s quarters.  There were also more violent resistors, including underground soldiers like the Polish resistance fighter “Irek”.  These were everyday people who put themselves in danger for both friends and strangers, and for the hope of the suffering Jewish race.




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